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Employees reporting fraud in the workplace, also known as “whistleblowers,” are naturally concerned about how it will affect their employment and what protections they have under the law. If you have concerns about becoming a whistleblower, contact Florin Gray Bouzas Owens, LLC. Our experienced Tampa employment lawyer can provide sound legal counsel and high-quality representation for employees reporting fraud in the workplace.

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Our employment law attorneys are compassionate and understanding. All of our legal decisions are dependent on your specific circumstances. We take a hands-on approach to your case and ensure that you are fully aware of all your legal options before undergoing any formal proceedings.

How Our Tampa Whistleblower Attorneys Can Help You

Reporting fraud in the workplace can have an impact on your personal and professional life. Levels of protection may differ depending on whether you are a public or private employee, the type of fraud reported, and where it is reported. An experienced employment lawyer can advise you on the best course of action and help ensure your rights as a whistleblower are protected under state and federal law.

Florida Laws on Reporting Fraud in Tampa

Florida laws protecting employees from retaliation for reporting fraud are:

  • Florida Whistleblower Act: This act provides protection from retaliation against public employees who report fraud in the workplace.
  • Florida Private Sector Whistleblower Act (Florida Statutes Section 448.102) protects whistleblowing employees in the private sector.

What Protections Do Tampa Employees Have?

Public employers are prohibited by law from taking any adverse action that affects the rights or interests of a person in retaliation for that person’s disclosure of information under the Whistleblower’s Act. Employees who report fraud in the workplace are protected against any retaliatory action, including:

  • Discharge
  • Suspension
  • Discipline
  • Transfer
  • Demotion
  • Withholding of bonuses
  • Salary reduction

The statute pertaining to private sector employees prohibits employers from taking any retaliatory personnel action against an employee who has disclosed or threatened to disclose to an appropriate governmental agency an activity, policy, or practice of the employer that is in violation of the law. However, these protections do not apply unless the employee has brought the activity, policy, or practice to the attention of the employer or a supervisor in writing.

Private sector employees are also protected from retaliation for providing information to or testifying before a government agency, person, or entity conducting an investigation, hearing or inquiry. The law provides protection from retaliation for objecting to or refusing to participate in illegal activities, policies, or practices.

How to Report Fraud in a Tampa Workplace

Your best course of action before reporting fraud in the workplace is to consult with an experienced employment law attorney to discuss the scope of the issues concerned and to discuss what your rights are. The problem with reporting internally is you may suffer consequences unless you ensure that your rights are protected first.

Whistleblower laws also give employees the right to sue the government if they are wrongfully terminated. An experienced employment lawyer can provide independent advice as to the nature of the fraud and help protect you from adverse consequences.

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If you plan to report fraud or illegal conduct in the workplace, take steps to protect your own interests. Contact our Tampa Bay attorneys at Florin Gray Bouzas Owens, LLC for legal counsel and guidance before reporting fraud in the workplace.

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