Tampa Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys

Tampa Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys

Florida is home to a large population of elderly citizens, many of whom come to the Sunshine State for the warm weather.  Elders in most cultures are revered and celebrated, and we believe that they should be looked after and treated with the utmost care.  Unfortunately, some nursing homes have become more of a profit center than a place of compassion and care for our elderly loved ones.

When nursing homes put profits over their residents’ well-being, FGBO Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys takes the fight to the nursing homes and makes them accountable for their neglect and abuse of their residents.  Nursing home residents are some of the most vulnerable people, and the attorneys at Florin Gray take great pride and honor in making sure that they are treated appropriately.

If you or your loved one has been neglected or abused by a nursing home or another facility that cares for the elderly, please call our experienced team of attorneys.  Our experienced nursing home neglect & abuse team will make sure that we get justice and the best result for you and your loved ones.

Nursing Home Facility Neglect & Abuse

Florida is home to a vast number of assisted living facilities (ALFs), which are meant to provide disabled individuals and older people with a residence that helps them with their daily activities and personal care needs.  Some of the services that these facilities provide include assisting the residents with personal hygiene, facilitating doctor appointments, making sure the appropriate medications are taken, proper meal planning and preparation, and bathroom assistance.

However, assisted living facilities are not appropriate for individuals who need to be supervised 24 hours a day.  In fact, assisted living facilities are prohibited from accepting residents whose conditions require such supervision.  Unfortunately, some of these facilities take residents that they have no business caring for all because they wish to make a profit off of them to the detriment of the resident.  More disturbingly, some of these facilities employ people who are unqualified and simply do not provide the care they claim and even intentionally abuse the residents.

The National Institute on Aging has a plethora of information on the types of elder abuse helpful for families seeking answers for their loved ones.

Many family members suspect their loved ones are being abused, but just don’t know for sure.  Some signs of abuse that could indicate your loved one is being abused in an assisted living facility include:

  • Changes in behavior, such as not doing previously enjoyed hobbies and activities
  • Unclean and dirty appearance
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Changes in mental state, such as depression or violent outbursts
  • Signs of being restrained or punishment, such as bruises
  • Broken bones
  • Pressure sores, commonly known as bed sores
  • Signs of PTSD, such as being scared and frightened of retribution
  • Any bruising or injuries, including burns, cuts, abrasions, dislocations, etc.
  • Missing medical devices previously used, such as eyeglasses, hearing aids, or a walker

All of these signs, as well as others, can indicate abuse.  If you believe your loved one suffered an injury or wrongful death while in an assisted living facility, our team of assisted living abuse attorneys is here to help.  The Tampa Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse Attorneys at FGBO Law will fight to make sure that your loved one gets justice and work diligently to achieve the best result we can for your family and loved one.  Hopefully, our fight for justice will cause these facilities to change their practices so that the abuse does not happen to others. Contact us today. 

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