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Spinal cord and back injuries can have debilitating, long-term consequences for victims. If you have suffered such an injury through someone else’s negligence, contact Florin Gray Bouzas Owens, LLC today. Our experienced back injury attorneys can tell you if you have a case and what damages you may be entitled to claim.

Why Choose Florin Gray Bouzas Owens, LLC?

We offer a free initial consultation to determine whether you have a case before proceeding. Our Tampa injury attorneys have more than six decades of experience successfully representing clients in all matters of personal injury. We are passionate advocates for our clients, taking a hands-on approach and ensuring they receive the high-quality representation they deserve.

When Do I Need a Back Injury Attorney?

Pursuing compensation for spinal cord injuries can be a complicated process that begins with determining liability for your injuries. Insurance companies, with their own best interests at heart, tend to deny liability. You must prove the value of your claim, which may involve past and projected future medical expenses, lost wages, decreased future earning potential, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and other losses directly attributable to your injuries. Insurance adjusters are trained to reduce their payout by attacking every component of your claim.

Our experienced injury lawyers can assist you through every step of the process.

Our experienced lawyers have the knowledge, skills, and resources to:

  • Identify all parties legally responsible for your injuries
  • Work with insurance companies to establish liability
  • Provide and properly present the right documentation to support your claim
  • Aggressively litigate your claim if necessary to ensure fair compensation

Common Causes of Spinal Cord and Back Injuries in Tampa

Spinal cord injury can cause changes in strength, mobility, sensation, and body function below the site of the injury. Common causes of back and spinal cord injuries include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Automobile and motorcycle crashes are the number one cause of spinal cord injury, accounting for nearly half of all new spinal cord injuries every year, as reported by the Mayo Clinic.
  • Falls: After the age of 65, most spinal cord injuries are caused by falls.
  • Violence: The Mayo Clinic states that approximately 12% of all spinal cord injuries are caused by violent encounters, often involving knives and guns.
  • Sports injuries: Impact sports and diving in shallow water cause approximately 10% of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is a factor in one out of four spinal cord injuries.

Determining Negligence in Tampa

A party whose negligence causes injury is legally obligated to compensate the victim. Determining negligence in the back and spinal cord injury cases involve finding out how the injury occurred and who was at fault. For example:

  • In a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, the property owner may be negligent if a hazard on the property that was known or should have been known caused the accident and injuries.
  • If negligent driving behavior (such as texting while driving) caused a car accident, the at-fault driver may be liable for back and spinal cord injuries sustained in the accident.

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