Florida Free Windshield Replacement Law

December 30, 2019

Florida Free Windshield Replacement Law: Do You Qualify?

Have you been in a car accident? Cracks can quickly grow, especially with vast temperature changes and on bumpy roads. And, it may even be illegal if it obstructs your visibility. It’s better to quickly before something annoying becomes something expensive and life-threatening.

A car accident or flying road debris can chip or crack your windshield. Driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous. It’s imperative to get a compromised windshield repaired as quickly as possible; any delay puts you and your passengers at risk.

Windshield Replacement in Florida is Free

Most drivers are unable or unwilling to pay the expense of windshield repair or replacement. However, in Florida, you can have your windshield repaired or replaced for free! A Florida statute prevents car insurance companies from applying a deductible to windshield repairs or replacements. Driving your car with a cracked windshield can result in personal injury or wrongful death. If your windshield is damaged in a car accident or by road debris, get it replaced for free.

If you have been injured in a car accident, call Tampa personal injury attorneys at Florin Gray Bouzas Owens at (727) 254-5255 today. Don’t delay, call today.

Florida Statute 627.7288

627.7288 – Comprehensive coverage; deductible not to apply to motor vehicle glass.—The deductible provisions of any policy of motor vehicle insurance, delivered or issued in this state by an authorized insurer, providing comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle covered under such policy.

History.—s. 1, ch. 79-241; s. 2, ch. 81-318; ss. 547, 563, 809(2nd), ch. 82-243; s. 79, ch. 82-386; s. 15, ch. 90-119; s. 114, ch. 92-318; s. 5, ch. 97-178.

Note.—Former s. 627.7378. (Statutes & Constitution: View Statutes: Online Sunshine. http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0600-0699/0627/Sections/0627.7288.html)

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