Personal Injury

What is Wrongful Death?

March 18, 2021
Wrongful Death – If you lost a loved one because of someone’s negligence, we will get you justice! Wrongful death is a legal claim brought in a civil lawsuit against an individual or entity (such as a store, workplace, business or restaurant) that alleges their negligence or wrongful conduct caused the death of another person. What Are Some Examples of Wrongful Dea...

Burn Injury Attorney

September 21, 2020
A Burn Injury Can Cause a Lifetime of Pain and Medical Care The skin is the body's largest organ. It acts as a protective barrier between the outside and the inside of the body. However, a burn can severely damage this vital organ and cause serious medical issues for the victim. As a result of a severe burn injury, you can be saddled with large medical bills and lost inco...

Slip & Falls: What To Do If You Are Hurt In A Fall

July 24, 2020
Work Injury Lawyer Slip-and-fall cases are a kind of “premises liability” claim that usually occurs on the property (or premises) owned or maintained by someone else. As a result, a property owner may be held legally responsible. These accidents result in more than one million emergency room visits, or 12% of the eight million emergency room visits each year in the...

Trucking Accidents Are Very Complicated and Require a Specialty that Most Lawyers Don’t Have — But We Do

June 26, 2020
An accident with a big rig or semi tractor-trailer is unlike an auto crash with another passenger vehicle. While the injuries can be just as severe—including the possibility of death—truck accidents have a higher level of complexity, and they require an experienced truck accident personal injury attorney. Who Can Be Sued for Damages in a Trucking Accident? If you or ...

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