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Florin Gray Bouzas Owens, LLC is a boutique law firm that focuses on three main practice areas: Employee Rights, Personal Injury, and Whistleblower/Government Fraud.  FGBO takes a client-focused approach.  Every client that is represented by the firm will have attorneys available to listen and answer questions, while aggressively litigating the client’s case with integrity.

A point of pride at FGBO is the consistent referrals that we receive from attorneys that we litigate against daily.  Earning the respect of our adversaries and having a solid reputation in the community are important to the firm.

At FGBO, we are smart about the cases that we accept and choose to litigate.  We want to be sure that we are consistently available for our clients in their time of need.  Furthermore, we want to always have the resources and energy to take on the most powerful opponents, so we can level the playing field for our clients.

FGBO está disponible para ayudar a las personas hispanohablantes de nuestra comunidad. Tenemos abogados y asistentes legales que hablan español y han ayudado a numerosos clientes con sus reclamaciones legales.

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